Sunday, May 19, 2013

"a portrait of my children's artwork, once a week, every week, in 2013."

This is the girl's artwork from the week. Most weeks I cull through a collection about this size, saving this, tossing that. Many items are pinned to the rotating collection on our big metal board or hung on the walls. But most of it goes in big boxes that are stored in the basement. I've been wanting to create a photobook of all their artwork, but wonder even if I did, would I really be able to throw away the originals? I still have a lot of my childhood artwork and school projects, but rarely look at them. I'm not sure what the point of saving things other than the most special pieces. And those paintings I have hanging on my walls permanently. I feel like a coffee table book of their art might get the most use and enjoyment over the years. What do you do with all of your kids artwork? 

s: drawing of a house, s, heart box, watercolor leaves & trees, a card for me, a robot, a rainbow, a nature study, a rainbow. 

o:  a water color painting, an O, a heart box, a drawing of cells at the micro level, a few swishes of the brush and her name, a ladybug, scribble scrabble, two doughy treasure pancakes, painting, egg carton flowers, sticker page, drawing for nana. 


  1. I haven't figured it out either - a lot gets tossed, but the good ones get thrown into boxes in the attic, and the best ones are on the walls. I love the idea of a coffee table book, though. I may have to think about making that happen sometime down the road.

  2. i struggle with this all the time because Lily loves to do art and has been doing stuff since she was 6 months old. i keep the best. according to me that is. and the rest like random whatever doodles get tossed. canvases are hung on the walls along with some taped drawings as well. there are some great paintings on paper that i have yet to frame. i would love to have some of my drawings when i was little but unfortunately my mom didn't hold onto anything. i think a book is a great idea!!

  3. I think you definitely need to make a coffee table book of this 52 project. Maybe even one for each child. The way your'e doing the project reminds me of "project work" I used to do with my preschool kiddos. I just love it! And btw, your posts lately have been so inspiring I have emailed them to my best girlfriends and even posted your links on fb. Hope you don't mind. :)

    1. Thank summer, of course I don't mind, I am beyond flattered. I think that I will do a book. I am aways somewhat daunted by the project, but I just need to power through, i'll be so happy I did.