Cheers to listening

Thursday, April 25, 2013

[ 1 ] Today I had a conversation with a friend.

Things are constantly coming at us. More and more is being asked of us everyday. From schools, PTA, work, friends, book club, girl scouts; more money, more time, more work. And we have to ask things of other people too. Everyone is so busy and we get easily overwhelmed with simple things because we are so busy. So when we are asking something of people, let's make it so simple, let's not overwhelm. "Here is the question I have for you, here is what I would like you to do, here are two easy steps you can take to accomplish it." Make it so simple they can memorize it.  

[ 2 ] This evening I found this quote.

Don't judge a designer on what she adds, but on what she takes away. Johan Jessen


I hear things when they are told to me, but do I listen? 

My answer to this question is yes, I really try. What I find helpful is that life repeats itself. Something I hear in the morning, that I needed to hear, is then stumbled upon again in the afternoon. Same message, different words, usually until I get it. 

I recently asked something of people that was too much, too wordy, too long, too overwhelming. I have been sitting with the realization of that. Hearing these things today confirmed it. They also gave me a completely new insight to how I am going to approach so much of my interaction with people. These two gems are really life changing.  


  1. I know what you're talking about, and I think you're right. I struggle with this at work every day. When information comes in a deluge, it becomes easy to start to tune it out, since it's so overwhelming.

    I don't know what the solution is, long-term. We live in a world that has sped up dramatically. But I do try to tackle one little thing at a time, and to be mindful of focusing on and completing one task before moving on to the next.

    1. I think that you are really good at managing information and tasks, judging from the amount of emails alone you deal with everyday. You're right about tackling one thing at a time. I am much more effective that way. When I have too much to do I get paralyzed and my only way out is to do one thing. Good advice. xx

  2. i'd love to talk [and listen :)] more with you about this. really, i would.

    1. Yes! Let's talk more. I would love to. xx