if I was french

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

If I was french and had a few extra kids, this would be my life. Tous Les Jours Dimanche, translated means, Everyday Sunday. A delightful blog about a family living in a french country house.

The takeaways: 

• start back up our simple evening strolls.
• dust off my sewing machine and make some simple french frocks already. or at the very least, buy them here.
• choose words when writing as if english were my second language (I read through my rss which translates french interestingly, beautifully).
• the ocean and I are well acquainted, think farmhouse for our next getaway.
• let our unfinished side yard channel the land surrounding a french farmhouse. muddy, grass growing where it will, well worn paths, with tin pales and wood hanging stacked around. don't over-think it.
• snap my camera at more, moving through life moments.
• petulance makes a good picture.
• even people in that live in french farmhouses sometimes dream of going elsewhere.

Hope you enjoy. When you read a blog or go to a site, do you look for things that you can apply to your life? I'm always looking for new ways to see or things to learn. Any good sites you're loving right now? 


  1. I know their life is real and probably just as complicated as everyone else's- but I love the simpleness of it all- this is what our vacations look like (same feel much different location!) - simple and beautiful.