Heard, and noted.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

[ 1 ] Yesterday, I heard this poem while driving.

The Committee Weighs In

I tell my mother
I’ve won the Nobel Prize.

Again? she says. Which
discipline this time?

It’s a little game
we play: I pretend

I’m somebody, she
pretends she isn’t dead.

Andrea Cohen

[ 2 ] An hour later, I heard this story from a friend.

She had three young kids, lived passionately. She did work she loved, her family was everything, she volunteered, gave to everyone, she had that life. Forty-eight, energetic, driven, healthy and happy. The diagnosis was only stage two. Even though they said it was in only in one breast, she had both removed. It was in the second. She was a bright light, the kind of woman you admired. Within a year it was in her liver. Maybe because she lived so brightly, her light burned out fast. 


I hear things when they are told to me, but do I listen? Do you?


  1. we should listen I suppose but sometimes forget?

  2. those are very heavy things to listen to...i admit i have to be in the mood. otherwise it just brings me down. maybe i'm not ready yet.....

    1. I know. I sometime wonder why I happen to hear things. Why I am in the car when something comes on and then later someone tells me a story. I feel like obviously I am meant to hear them. And when I see a relationship between things, it is even heavier. And I have to ask, why? What am I needing to hear in this. I would be remiss not to, I think. Now, will things change in my life from hearing them? I think a little. I think just acknowledging things changes you a bit. More-so they are just another reminder to slow down, be present and really live what you love. Sorry to be so heavy. xx