Saturday, March 2, 2013

"a portrait of my children's artwork, once a week, every week, in 2013."


this week was unlike any other week. 
it's always that way though, right?
nothing is ever the same.
sometimes life seems routine, over and over.
but then something happens and we quickly wake to the knowledge that nothing is ever as it was. moments simply evaporate.

the last shot i posted was one of those moments that now stands still in time. little did i know what would follow. when i came home days later, with the same blankets laying there, her animals, and notebook, it was an odd reminder.

i am not unfamiliar with hospitals. we have logged some hours there for one thing or another over the years. while they are not my favorite place by any means, there is a heightened awareness that comes from being there. it makes you acutely aware of how fragile life is, and in our case, how lucky we are.

tuesday morning, sienna had an appendectomy. she had a fever and terrible stomach ache so we took her to the ER. after many exams of her not tell-tale signs, an MRI and a CT, we found out that she had acute apendicitis. surgery was a few hours following. her appendix had ruptured slightly, but she came through well. we spent the remainder of the week in the hospital and are now home. 

she is laughing again.
my love.

i am so thankful. we are so lucky. this is really nothing. but to our little family, it was something. something that is now in our past and in some small way shapes our future. all moments do that, really. make us. every moment, every snapshot. it means something, and maybe we don't realize what until the moment has passed and we can get perspective to look back and look forward again.

s. a huge stack of cards from her classmates filled with love, well wishes and glitter. 

o. a handmade card for sienna, with help from nana.


  1. first and foremost, it is so good to hear that she is okay... recovered, rested, HOME~ safe & sound. and best of all~ in full spirits once again.

    we have had our share of these moments as well, and you have captured it to a "T". they definitely have a way of putting things {life} into perspective. whether realized in the moment, or when looking back.

    hope your weekend is happy & restful. xoxo

  2. I was wondering how it all came about. So glad she's home and well. Norah was crying when J told her, she was so worried. I know from our very limited hospital trips w/the kids it doesn't matter if it's a big or small thing, it's still terrifying in the moment when it's your baby.

    1. norah was so sweet, she made a card for sienna and j emailed it. i showed her in the hospital, of course she loved it. thanks again for checking in.

  3. so sorry to here about your sweet girl. no doubt in my mind that any trip to the hospital is alarming and scary. sending warm thoughts to you and your family and so relieved to hear that she is home and well.

  4. This is the first time I have popped in here (I am sorry) and I really like your spin on the 52 Project. I am sorry the circumstances were not so great this week for all of you and I look forward to coming back in next week.

    1. Yes, a rough week, but love that you stopped by! I checked out your photo for the week too, beautiful.

  5. How very scary for you guys! So glad to hear she is okay. My sister had to have hers taken out as well and it is a very weird thing seeing someone so young in the hospital. Many well wishes to her!

    1. thank you summer. luckily we have a very good children's hospital near us, so she was in good hands. but i agree, it is hard seeing such young kids in the hospital for various reasons. it really puts life into perspective. thanks again for the well wishes.