a fresh start

Monday, March 11, 2013

sienna's laugh is different. i feel as if over the last two weeks our life had been suspended. waiting for her to heal, to feel herself, to be recaptured in the pull of our schedule. this weekend we felt normal again. we walked the bay knee deep in mud pools, flew kites, shopped the farmer's market, went out to a lovely dinner, and i even had a whole afternoon to myself. 

events change us, but they also bring a fresh start. 
welcome, monday.


  1. So happy your little one is better. I had to read back to find out what happened. That must have been scary for you.
    Glad to meet you and see your beautiful photos.
    Thanks for visiting me, too.

  2. "normal again" is such a good feeling.

    i just opened my blog, and typed in "normal" in my search box.
    ...and skimmed through various after-the-storm moments, where life life settled down, and we welcomed 'a new 'day'.

    1. love that, torrie! i imagine over the years if i keep doing this, i will be able to do the same. i think you just hit on one of the things that is so amazing about blogging, that ability to quickly "search" your life for a piece of information, a pattern of things, or a grouping of times when something similar was felt. pretty amazing. xx