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Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Monday! It's a fresh week and I'm feeling rejuvenated and organized, which has been no easy task lately. It's the last week to get some work done before heading out of town for a two week spring break, so I thought I'd start the week with a few things that are inspiring me. 

the list (clockwise)................................................................................

1• This space from a note on design completely drew me in. I struggle with meditation, but feel like I could really clear my head here. 

2• Graphics, graffiti, and big bold shapes are catching my eye.

3• A museum in the mind of someone contemplating the sky by Dale Megan Healey is a beautifully written essay about James Turrell's installation called Meeting, at MoMA PS1. In one of my favorite paragraphs she writes, I admit that I mostly go to PS1 just so I can sit inside Meeting. I enter the building and try to look like I’m moving slowly through the galleries, contemplating the sculptures and video installations like everyone else, when really I just want to run up the stairs into that cold, bright room. Meeting is a permanent installation, and I sometimes don’t want to take the time to be moved by something new. I want to go straight to where feeling something is guaranteed.

4• I liked the cleverness of Nina Katchadourian's Sorted Books Project. She searches through collections of books, clustering titles to create witty sentences, unlikely groupings, and book spine poetry. She got her start while studying and trying to put into practice the theory that art lives in the everyday and is located in unlikely places. 

And speaking of books, I thought this article in the New York Times about the battle of the bedside table was great. Social scientists say that bedrooms are honest spaces and your real self lives on your night stand and in the books you keep there. So true.

5• Want to see the hardcopy precursor to Pinterest? This video on Nowness is an interview with photographer Taryn Simon who has created a series of works inspired by The Picture Collection. It's an archive of 1.2 million prints filed in over 12,000 folders labeled with beautiful terms like handshakes, sunlight, swimming pools and waiting. As someone who still collects torn-out images, someday I will enter that room. 

6• Love this print by Ky Anderson.

7• I've been living in a similar outfit lately. I still prefer my skinnies, but boyfriend jeans are giving me a relaxed springtime look. 

8• The simplicity and lines of this painting by Piet-Mondrian is perfection. 

What are you loving lately?


  1. so much goodness here...

    up until recently, my bedside table was not ideal (vindictive of other areas of my life- per my last comment :)). i finally de-cluttered, purchased a cool basket, and selected specific books to fill it... taking "action" (little-by-little).

    1. mine was not ideal wither. it easily becomes a mess with discarded kid treasures and a toppling stack of books. I recently bought a new plant and things seemed to spruce up a bit.

  2. I love the book spine poetry! My company does that from time to time on Instagram and it makes me smile. I should try it next time I reorganize. Right now I have everything shelved by color.

    And I'm living in my Gap boyfriend jeans, too :) So comfy and they look good with everything! Wish we were headed to Mexico w/you for some of your vacation. Sounds so wonderful right now...

    1. that's a good idea, have certain shelves at home that are arranged to mean something. I would love to come upon something like that at a friend's house, how surprising and fun. i wish you would come south sometime too ;)

  3. Love the collage, Karina.
    I am loving my daily and weekly routines to keep me calm and grounded before the arrival of Edward in less than four weeks' time...
    Hope you get the work you need to get done, completed, and that you have an awesome two weeks off!
    Ronnie xo

    1. Thanks Ronnie. I remember the time before the arrival of each baby. There is something so clear in those weeks, I'm glad you are enjoying them. xx