in the sea

Friday, March 29, 2013

with brand new nets in hand, they went hunting in the sea. 

[the catch]
three sand dollars, 
twenty-two shells, 
four bits of sea glass,
an old yellow star,
one bottle cap,
two weathered sticks,
an army man,
three giant clamshells,
and seven smooth rocks.

are you on the hunt for anything this weekend? i hope you enjoy a great one.


  1. i always love looking at your pictures. you capture the mood of each shot beautifully.

    what a fun & perfect way to spend spring break. do you go there every year?

    1. Thanks Torrie. We've been coming down here since we were kids and pretty much come most holidays and chunks of summer. My sister lives in LA, so this gives us all a chance to hang out and let the cousins really grow up together.

  2. ps. this weekend, i'm on the hunt for a clean backyard and a cleared-out garden... the kids will be on the hunt for eggs tomorrow morning :).