finding yourself

Friday, March 15, 2013

book as background: francesco clemente, a portrait

It's the end of a busy week. There was a lot of goodness happening, so much so that I haven't had the time to write much. But that's a good thing, right? Living.

I came across the quote above not too long ago and really loved the honesty of it. I watch daily as my little one imitates my big one and as my big one imitates me. We all learn through watching the world and people around us. As we get older, somehow we feel like we should hide that fact, that we should be totally unique, formulated only from ourselves. But the reality is that we are a part of everything and it's ok to look and imitate and then make it your own.

We have a busy weekend planned, two date nights, an international fair complete with a Columbian dance and song performance by Sienna's class, and some studio time. I also have a handful of half finished posts that I am finishing up to share next week. I'm a flood of ideas, but action takes time.

I also wanted to say that I love writing here and thinking about what to share. I appreciate every comment and feel like this space is a great tool for further finding myself. It's helping me document life, reminding me of what is important, and expanding my connections with interesting people.

One of the things D and I are talking about on our date night tonight is taking a personal inventory. We are looking at all things we are doing to better ourselves and where we are spending our time. Think of it as spring cleaning for the self. How often do you take a personal inventory? What do you do in life for your personal growth? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Have a great weekend. xx


  1. such a beautiful reminder to be okay with your mark on the world, whatever that may be. much needed today, thanks! and also now want to work on a personal inventory, a fantastic idea. enjoy yours!

  2. love all of your thoughts in this post.

    as i've shared on the blog, it's been a challenging year for us (health, the specific grades of the kids~ 4th (tough!) and 9th (high school!), etc...). a lot of time spent in catch-up mode. bits & flashes of 'normal-life'... of creativity... since summer(!!)- i've taken an extended, in depth personal inventory, but no real *action* (which is visible through my blog).

    working on it. :)

  3. thanks for the reminder, love this! I find I use this a lot when looking for recipes. I can never follow a recipe exactly, I just grab some of the ingredients and love making it my own.

    all your posts have been so beautiful and inspiring!

  4. I just wanted to let you know that yours is currently my favorite blog. A seemingly neverending source of inspiration. Love.

    1. Mary, that really means a lot to me, thank you. xx

  5. this is so lovely. a true source of inspiration. I just friended you on Facebook, longing to see all your art work and postings, not that you want to be my friend. Started following you on instagram as well. hope you are not offended. LOVE your work. xo

  6. also, I have found I so love writing on my blog as well. sorting my thoughts. ACTUALLY using language as it is meant to be used, with flourishes and languid words. I was trying to curate a series of mindfulness in march. Just the art of being more mindful. I am trying to figure how to approach the days of april. Mindful, indeed, but hopefully joyful and art-filled as well. xo